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Air-Cooled CompressorsType L140, L160, L190

Air-cooled, 3 cylinders, 3-staged


Structural features

Three staged cylinders in 2×60° W-arrangement, with one-throw crankshaft, single acting trunk pistons
1st stage: 1 cylinder
2nd stage: 1 cylinder
3rd stage: 1 cylinder


Combined suction and pressure valves in all stages

Air cooling

By axial fan directly driven by the crankshaft

Intercooler and aftercooler

Block type

Force feed lubrication

Gear pump driven by the crankshaft by means of gear wheels
Oil pressure control by means of pressure gauge and
pressure switch
Oil level inspection glass
Crankcase venting from oil filler to air suction filter
Oil filtration by external, exchangeable oil filter insert


Crankshaft: Slide bearings
Connecting rod: Slide bearings
Wrist pin: Needle bearings

For further information on all different scopes of supply please refer to the technical datasheets.


You can choose between the following models:

Type L140 ,  Type L160 ,  Type L190

Download CAD models for compressors & steering gear

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